Our Team

Best Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey Istanbul are

  • Dr. Servet Terziler (Chairman of the Board – Medical Director)
  • Dr. Alaaddin Karabacak (Aesthetic Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery)
  • Dr. Aycan Işık (Hair Transplant Specialist)


With 30+Years experience, 12000+Treatments

Uzm. Dr. Servet Terziler

We all have the right to look healthy and young. In this end, I am making very sound steps on my way to be a “world brand” in the field of hair transplants thanks to my studies on “Medical Aesthetics” and all novelties I introduced to Turkey on hair transplants and hair therapies.

Op. Dr. Alaaddin Karabacak

Dr. Alaaddin Karabacak is a member of the following highly regarded unions: İSAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), IPRAS (International Plastic Reconstruction Aesthetic Surgery). He achieves very good results by applying modern techniques and his exceptional skills in extracting and restoring the grafts. Meanwhile, Dr. Alaaddin Karabacak has become an authority in the international hair transplant world.

Dr.Aycan Işık

Working at Esteword since 2009. Dr. Aycan received her education at the most important medical university in Istanbul. Here, her talent was quickly discovered for working with great precision, achieving high densities and being able to carry out large treatments in which the overview and pattern were decisive.