Can a hair transplant damage existing hair?

Hair transplant is one of the most preferred solutions to hair loss problems. When you decide on getting a hair transplant, you might have a lot of questions and worries about the process. You can worry about the aftercare or the effectiveness of a hair transplant. One of the frequently asked questions is about existing hair damage.

Choosing a professional and experienced clinic is crucial in this phase to find answers. In this article, we will give general information to answer whether a hair transplant can damage your existing hair. However, your surgeon and clinic will give you detailed information after examining your hair and other physical factors.


Will You Keep Losing Your Hair After The Treatment?

Everyone loses hair regularly. The number of lost hair might change from time to time. Stress, hormonal imbalance, or any other physical factor can affect the number of these losses. Also, it is important to know that each hair has a natural growth cycle called anagen, catagen, and telogen.

After these three phases, hairs start falling, which is a pretty normal process. In this cycle, a healthy person loses approximately 50 – 100 hairs each day. That’s why patients should be aware that they will keep losing their existing hair even after the hair transplant. Because hair transplant doesn’t stop existing hair’s natural cycle. As a result, patients’ existing hair will keep thinning and falling naturally. Hair transplant helps the patients regain their already lost hair. If patients also want to strengthen their existing hair, they can consult their surgeon or hair specialist.

Can A Hair Transplant Damage Existing Hair?

After getting a hair transplant, patients can have “shock loss.” It is the body’s natural reaction to the operation. It is entirely normal for patients to shed hair due to shock loss. During a hair transplant procedure, hair grafts are collected from the donor area one by one. These hair grafts are individually planted into previously opened channels. Each channel is a tiny opening in the skin. This process creates a minor trauma for the scalp.

As a result of the scalp’s reaction to the operation, there might be some hair shedding around the planted area. This occurrence is called “shock loss” or ” effluvium.” Patients should always remember that the shedding of existing hair is mostly temporary. These affected hairs will healthily regrow in a few months. In some rare cases, already thinned weak hair might not grow fully. However, as these hair are already thin, they would fall eventually even without the treatment.

How To Avoid Possible Damages In A Treatment?

Though it is natural to have temporary hair loss after a hair transplant, there are some issues to take into consideration before having a transplant. Expertise is a vital criterion in hair transplant treatments. Esteworld works with the best surgeons in hair transplant treatments. Our professional team and experienced surgeons perform modern treatment methods with the latest technological equipment. As the leading hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Esteworld offers guaranteed treatments to our patients.