Can I get a hair transplant without shaving my hair?

If you are planning to have a hair transplant, a question may pop up in your head: Can I get a hair transplant without shaving my hair? It is perfectly normal to have some concerns about shaving your hair. Some of us might feel that our head shape is just not suitable for a buzzed cut. Our hair can be a significant part of our identity and style, so the idea of shaving it off can be frightening.

All aside, being obligated to shave your head doesn’t need to be a stress factor. You have nothing to worry about it! A hair transplant without shaving is possible and common. It just depends on your hair type.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving

In a lot of cases, hair transplant procedures are complete without shaving. Doctors mostly choose the hair transplant method according to your needs and your hair type, and one of these techniques is DHI hair transplantation. This method does not need you to shave your head, and it helps the surgeon see the growth pattern of your hair follicles. It also makes the healing period a lot easier.

As a leading hair transplant center in Turkey, Esteworld offers hair transplant treatments without shaving. FUE hair transplant method has a no-shave hair restoration technique that also has been preferred by many celebrities. It is perfect for you if you don’t want to risk leaving clues of a hair transplant surgery. The no-shave techniques we offer requires an experienced surgical team, and because it is complete by going around the long hairs, it takes just a little longer.

With or Without Shaving: What Difference Does It Make?

FUE hair transplant allows the patients to shave their head in layers. It means that the long hairs can cover the shaved parts. But in some cases, when the top area of the head completely bald, the FUE procedure requires 3000 – 5000 grafts. Since the hair follicles are collected from the nape of the neck, a complete shaving is necessary. If the area that needs a hair transplant is smaller, it is possible to perform FUE hair transplantation without shaving.