Can women have a hair transplant?

Hair loss is a common problem among men. What about women? Even though; women face this problem rarely, it is true that women can lose their hair as a consequence of specific health problems and genetic factors. A person may lose 50 to 100 hair strands on a daily basis which is pretty normal. However, if you lose hair much more than these numbers, you should seek professional help. There are lots of techniques to prevent hair loss for women. Women hair transplant is one of the treatments that  can have. Let’s examine this technique in detail.

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

Women hair transplant can help  possess natural-looking and healthy hair. Yet, implementing hair transplantation is one of the last methods to save the hair. Before getting an hair transplant, the reason for the hair loss should be inspected thoroughly. Hair loss in women happens mostly because of genetic factors. Other than that, it can be the result of hormonal imbalance. If that is the case, hormonal treatments should be implemented before or during the process. A gynecologist’s advice is vital in this phase. To get a flawless treatment, you should choose a professional team including experienced doctors.

Hair Transplantation Process for Women

Before getting an hair transplantation, you and your doctor should decide the most efficient treatment way for you. Modern techniques of hair transplant for women can solve your problem without pain and swellings. There are lots of techniques you can choose such as Two Day Fue Hair Transplant Technique, Direct Hair Implantation Technique, Sapphire Technique and Robotic Hair Transplant Technique. Each technique has its own pros so that you can choose your priorities. After choosing the best treatment method, the process will be completed after three stages.

  • Extracting Grafts: In this stage, hair follicle groups called graphs are collected one by one. Each graft possesses 2-3 follicles.
  • Opening Incisions: In this stage, some channels are opened to plant hair donors. These channels must be opened considering the length and width of hair follicle.
  • Planting the Follicles: The final stage is finished by transplanting grafts professionally with an angle of 40-45 degrees.