Celebrities who had a hair transplant

As a man, one of your biggest fears has been going bald, right? You’re not alone. Even the most admired celebrities, from movie stars to famous footballers or musicians who are in the public eye, share the same feeling with you. Hair loss can be shocking and upsetting for everyone, no matter how glamorous your life is. No one wishes to embrace the cold hard truth of declining hairline problems. Fortunately, there are hair transplant techniques that bring the handsome, confident man inside you back. Let’s have a look at seven legendary celebrities who had a hair transplant. How and when they decide to have it? How this operation changed their life? What were the results?

1. Tom Hanks

The American lead actor of many award-winning movies such as Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, and Saving Private Ryan went through hair loss in the front due to age until attaining his handsome appearance thanks to a hair transplant operation.

2. Jude Law

Despite his fascinating good looks, the famous actor of many blockbuster movies such as Closer, Alfie, and Cold Mountain, could not escape struggling with receding hairline. He resorted to a hair transplant reviving his stunning looks back.

3. Mel Gibson

The “Braveheart” of our hearts went through hair loss relatively early, in his middle age. Thanks to hair transplantation methods, he won his battle with hair loss and continued his life as brave and confident as before.

4. Elton John

As one of the leading names in the music industry from the 1970s, Elton John was followed closely by the media. When he lost a large part of his hair in 1976, he started looking for solutions. John used a wig at first, yet it became inadequate for him over time. So he chose the permanent solution of hair transplant and continued his glamorous life with natural-looking full hair.

5. Bono

For the lead vocal of U2, one of the top music bands of all time, hair loss around the temples was not something to overlook. Thanks to proper treatment, he got his charismatic looks back and continued to mesmerize millions under the spotlights.

6. David Beckham

The unrivaled football star joined the growing number of aging men struggling with hair loss and underwent a hair transplant operation. Beckham was famous for his cornrows, mohawk, and top bun as much as his talent as a football player before losing most of his hair. It was a hair transplant solution that gave him his enchanting charisma back.

7. Rafael Nadal

Tennis legend Nadal had to go through hair plant treatment when he was 30. He was subject to mockery for his lessened hair in tennis circuits before getting his looks back. His hairbands and haircut styles were temporary solutions for hiding his bald patches and thinning hair. With the treatment, he had 4500 follicles transplanted on his scalp.

Hair loss can occur at any age for everybody. If you’re having issues with thinning hair or balding scalp, you can consult Esteworld’s expert staff to get professional advice after detailed examinations.


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