Day to day program

Your comfort is very important for Esteworld Hair Transplantation Turkey. We will do anything to help you get as enjoyable a hair transplant service as possible. We will be in regular communication not only during transplantation, but also afterwards to monitor the recovery and answer your questions. You can expect the following from Esteworld:

  • You have the option of counting the grafts.
  • After returning to your country, there will be regular communication about hair transplantation via our 24/7 after-care line.
  • UK Office guidance on treatment days.
  • If you like, we can arrange your plane ticket for you. (ask for conditions)
  • You will receive all necessary medicines, shampoos and lotions free of charge.
  • Transfers to and from the airport / hotel or clinic are carried out by our own transfer service.
  • You will stay in a 5-star hotel near the clinic.
  • Excellent care thanks to our Esteworld London office.
To avoid surprises, we have added a daily schedule below.
1st Day Schedule
  • Arrival at Istanbul airport from England to Turkey.
  • You will be greeted by Esteworld staff at the airport.
  • You will be taken to your luxury hotel in our comfortable vehicles.
  • Esteworld has its own transfer service. Our own drivers make all the transfers.
2nd Day Schedule
  • After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel by your hostess and chauffeur for hair transplantation. (Please remember to wear clothes that should not be pulled over your head).
  • After arriving at the clinic, a blood test is performed to check for infectious blood diseases. A tube of blood is also taken for PRP treatment. PRP treatment provides a faster recovery.
  • Your hair is washed and shaved.
  • A comprehensive consultation is made with the hair transplant surgeon, who will determine the new hairline in consultation with you. Meanwhile, of course, the hostess who speaks your language will be with you.
  • You’ll get sterile clothes from us to ensure hygiene. Then you’ll be taken to the hair transplant room.
  • During the first part of hair transplantation, grafts (follicles) are collected from your donor area under local anesthesia. (takes 2.5 hours on average).
  • After the grafts are removed, the channels will be opened where the grafts removed by your hair transplant surgeon will be placed.
  • Lunch break at the clinic.
  • In the second part of hair transplantation, grafts are placed in the recipient area under local anesthesia. (takes about 3-4 hours).
  • After hair transplantation, you will be brought back to the hotel by our driver under the guidance of the hostess.
3rd Day Schedule

Day Off. You can experience Istanbul’s unique historical sites and Turkish hospitality more closely.

4th Day Schedule
  • After breakfast, you will be checked in at the hotel under the supervision of our hostess and picked up by our driver.
  • The first wash is performed at the clinic and it is explained how you will do the washing yourself for the next 7-10 days. You will also receive training videos of the washing through the after-care line.
  • You can ask your surgeon and hostess questions.
  • You will receive an Esteworld bag containing medication, shampoo, lotion and a certificate stating the amount of grafts and hair removed.
  • After you say good-bye, you’ll be taken back to the airport.
Complementary therapy in the UK
  • The explanations at the clinic are clear, but when you return home you are again under the control of Esteworld London. For the first 14 days, regular communication is established to oversee recovery, explain how to do the washing, and answer your questions.
  • You can make an appointment or contact our office at any time after hair transplantation.
  • You send your photos to your warranty folder every 2 months so that we can track growth and, if possible, manage it.
  • After 14 months you can request a final assessment to assess the result.