Frequently Asked Questions

1. First step to hair transplantation

By filling out the offer request form / consultancy request form on our website, [email protected] filling out a consultation or offer form by emailing or calling +44 7588 371452.

Yes, everyone in Esteworld London office is employed by Esteworld Turkey and not an intermediary.

Esteworld has more than 65 offices in Turkey where you can consult on hair transplantation and access after-care services in your country.

You can access with your personal car easily. You can use the free parking area of the shopping centre within walking distance. For public transport, Greenwich Cutty Sark rail transport may be preferred.

No. In Turkey, consultation about hair transplantation is free of charge and you will not be under any obligation. Esteworld has established offices in many countries to serve people in their own language and to guide them on hair transplantation at our clinic in Istanbul. Submit a free bid request or submit a consulting request now.

During the consultation, one of our consultants will give you information about the clinic, the doctor, the day of treatment, the stay and the care after hair transplantation. Of course, you will always have the opportunity to ask questions about hair transplantation in Turkey. During the consultation, your condition is also examined privately and you receive specific recommendations.

Yes, it is important that you inform us in advance about your drug use. If you are using blood thinners, this should be stopped for a while (with your doctor’s approval) before starting the hair transplantation process.

After our hair transplant surgeons have examined your photos, you will receive your offer within 24 hours of working days.

No, you pay the full cost of our clinic in Istanbul on the day of hair transplantation. You send a plane ticket before your trip to Istanbul, we accept it as a down payment.

You pay all the fees for hair transplantation at the clinic in Istanbul on your day of treatment. Payment can be made by debit card, credit card or cash. Hair transplantation costs in Turkey are on average 50% lower than in the UK.

In Turkey, you can schedule your hair transplantation by contacting our receptionist by phone or e-mail.
+44 7588 371452
[email protected]

Yes, one can come with you. Rebooking for a double room + breakfast for 3 nights costs a total of 50 euro extra.

Yes, of course you can take them to the hair transplant clinic. It can accompany all steps until you enter the sterile working hair transplantation room. They can wait for you in the waiting room, in the restaurant or on the beautiful outdoor terrace. They can also opt for the large mall opposite the clinic. It’s great to walk around here.

2. I've decided on a hair transplant, what do I need to know?

Once you have set your date, you will contact Esteworld London and receive a booking / confirmation via email for hair transplantation. This email includes everything spoken, the total amount of service and a recommendation for airfare. When booking a flight time, please keep in mind the following:your arrival time to Istanbul must be until 09:00, and your return time must be after 14: 00 due to the check-up and washing you received in the morning on your last day. You can only enter your hotel after 12.00, so please plan your arrival between 09.00 and 21.00!

Yes, you will be picked up from the airport by an Esteworld driver. Our staff will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall with the sign “Esteworld”.

Esteworld London will contact you a few days before you leave for Turkey to keep you fully informed about the latest situation. Esteworld international staff will also contact you to meet you and determine the first transfer times ( usually a few days ago ).

It takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes to fly to Istanbul for hair transplantation at Esteworld.

Please contact us for details.

You will stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel Oryapark Ümraniye in Istanbul. This hotel is close to our clinic, so you don’t have to sit in the car unnecessarily long after hair transplantation.

On the day of arrival in Istanbul, you will receive information from Esteworld staff about when you should be ready at the reception for hair transplantation the next morning. This is usually around 7.30 in the morning. Breakfast is available at the restaurant from 7 a.m. Have a good breakfast before going to our clinic, which is good for your blood sugar levels. Of course you’ll get lunch at our clinic, but you’ll have to wait until noon for that.

Wear comfortable trousers and a shirt or blouse that doesn’t need to be pulled over your head. At the hair transplant clinic, you get sterile outerwear, you wear your own underwear. Take your phone to the clinic, Esteworld clinic has WIFI. You log in with your passport number and name. Don’t forget to bring your ID or passport to the clinic.

Yes, during hair transplantation you can wear headphones and listen to your own music.

Yes, the clinic has WIFI, you can log in with your passport number and name. This way you can use the internet on your phone during hair transplantation. Turkey has a fast WIFI.

Yes, you will receive a hot meal at our hair transplant clinic. You will receive this after removing the hair follicles about half of your hair transplant day.

During hair transplantation, you will be given a closet where you can put your personal belongings, where your belongings can stay safely, where you can lock them with a key.

Our English-speaking hostesses at the clinic in Turkey will guide you through hair transplantation.

Yes, the surgeons speak English. And our English-speaking hostess will guide you.

3. Hair transplantation day in Turkey

You will receive a message from us 1 day in advance via WhatsApp. The next day indicates when you will be taken for hair transplantation.

Esteworld’s own drivers will pick you up from your hotel and take you back to your hotel.

Yes, wear a wide-necked shirt that feels comfortable, a button-down blouse or a zip-up sweater. After hair transplantation, you should be careful not to damage your hair when taking off your clothes.

On hair transplantation day, remember to take your phone, headphones to listen to music, passport and payment tools with you.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be greeted by an English-speaking hostess. Then you’ll go to patient management. Our hostess will constantly guide you through hair transplantation and explain what will happen. There are also cards in the clinic where you can see the steps of hair transplantation.

You will undergo a standard blood test where all blood values are checked. Hair transplantation is the standard treatment for PRP a tube of blood is taken.

Your blood values should be good for good and rapid recovery. White and red blood cells, blood platelets (clotting) are checked and an HIV test is performed.

Because of the guarantee you receive after hair transplantation, the whole situation should be clearly mapped out. The degree of baldness, hair structure and donor area are recorded by photo. Everything is recorded in the patient file of our clinic in Turkey.

These photos go to your patient file. These files are stored on a secure server.

Your photos will never be published without your permission.

The payment takes place at our clinic after the blood test and photograph are taken. Don’t forget to check your daily limit. It is best to pay in cash because of the additional costs your bank charges for a payment in Turkey.

After the payment of hair transplantation you will receive an invoice / payment certificate.

You can see our surgeons on our website. These surgeons have high experience and all use 0.6 mm FUE drills. As a market leader in Istanbul, Esteworld selects experts and surgeons based on their experience. Only leading surgeons specialising in hair transplantation are working at Esteworld.

The quality and degree of your donor area and the degree of baldness determines the number of grafts to be placed. Our experts will take the maximum number of grafts possible for you.

An estimate is given in the proposal, the surgeon performs the maximum graft transplant that can be reached. Your donor area determines how much graft we can remove.

PRP = Platelet-Rich Plasma, i.e. blood plasma containing many red platelets and providing rapid wound healing and blood clotting after hair transplantation.

Acell, a regenerative treatment, is an extracellular matrix that regulates and stimulates cell behavior through growth factors. The cells (in DHT-affected hair follicles) regenerate (rejuvenate / regenerate), so that the hair roots begin to form stronger hair again. Acell can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or combined with hair transplantation.

For hair transplantation, you stay in our clinic for an average of 7 to 9 hours.

After hair transplantation, you receive a pressure band so that no swelling will sink into your eye. If you want to loosen it, always loosen it towards your neck, not pull it over your head.

After hair transplantation you will receive a bag with a cold pack, antibiotics, painkillers and a hat.

5 days of antibiotics and possibly painkillers. Medicines are included in the price.

Our hair transplantation prices are fixed. That price will not change later.

After hair transplantation, you should sleep on your back. The best thing is to put an “airplane cushion” around your neck. You should sleep on your back for 5 days.

You should cool your forehead against swelling that may occur after hair transplantation. You can cool it every 2 hours in the first 24 hours (except when you sleep). Never cool in a transplanted area. Always apply cooling to areas where swelling sinks on the face. The better you cool it, the less swelling there is. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water.

You can go out the day after hair transplantation, have a look at how you feel. Stay out of the sun, wear a hat (esteworld hat) or take a small umbrella.

For the first 3 weeks, you are not allowed to sit under the sun after hair transplantation. This prevents healing. The scalp should not also get sunburns.

You are not allowed to wear your own hats for the first 10 days. For example, a baseball cap can damage the grafts on the front with its hard edge, and scar tissue can begin to develop.

Depending on the swelling, you can remove the black pressure band after 3 days. Don’t pull the tape up, just lower it around your neck and cut it. When cooling, always put the band around your neck.

With the help of the black pressure band, the swelling doesn’t sink down to your eyes.

You can shower after hair transplantation, but pay attention to your head, especially in the first week. Take a shower just under your neck on the day of hair transplant and the next day. You come to the clinic for the first wash on the third day.

4. Check and first wash at Esteworld clinic

You will know 1 day in advance when you will be taken for washing and final check-up.

Do your checks the day before you are last picked up from your hotel. You’ll take your things with you to the clinic. After the final wash and check, our transfer service will take you to the airport.

Our English-speaking hostess will guide you through our clinic.

Our hairdresser at the clinic does your first wash carefully and explains how you can do this at home.

First a layer of Curegen lotion is applied, left for 15 minutes, rinsed and washed with Curegen Procapil shampoo.

Hair transplantation in our clinic we do receive a guarantee for results in the first wash. So you learn exactly how to do it at home. Our office will also contact you and share the wash video.

After the last day of hair transplantation, you will receive the necessary products for washing. These are shampoo and lotion.

After hair transplantation, washing products are included in the total price.

You are not allowed to carry large bottles in hand luggage. You can take 5 small 100 ml bottles and transfer these 2 large bottles after hair transplantation.

After washing, the hair transplant surgeon performs the final checks. In the meantime, you will receive further explanations from your stewardess and will be taken to the airport. From now on, you’ll be in touch with our office in your country.

A folder with after-care documents and warranty documents for hair transplantation.

You will receive a certificate that includes the date of treatment, the method of hair transplantation and the number of grafts placed.

On the day of the check-up at the clinic, the entire process after hair transplantation will be explained. You will also receive aftercare forms and you can ask all your questions to our aftercare line.

We have an excellent aftercare service. Our after-care line is available 24/7 and will contact you within the first 14 days after hair transplantation in Turkey to monitor recovery and answer your questions.

Our driver will take you back to the airport.

5. Care in England after hair transplantation in Turkey

Until the 10th day, our care line will give you tips and advice on how to wash. We expect you to post photos of the front, top and back of your head on the 10th day. All cortex must be removed. Of course, you can come to our office by appointment or you can ask all your questions on our contact line. We will respond fast.

After hair transplantation, you can ask all your questions through our care line. If necessary, you will be called back by one of our hair specialists or nurses.

After hair transplantation you can ask the after care line all your questions about cortex, itch, hairstylist, sports etc.

Between 09: 00 and 19: 00 you will get answers to your questions almost instantly. After 19:00 you will receive a response as soon as possible, except in emergencies.

6. The most common questions after hair transplantation

From the 7th day after hair transplantation, almost no crust remains. On the 10th day, you should be completely free of crusts. Our final care line will check this out with you.

There may be shedding in the transplanted hair from the 10th day after hair transplantation. As long as the crusts exist, the shed hair cannot regrow and dirt may form under the crusts, which can lead to inflammation.

Bepanthen or Sebamed PH neutral lotion can be used if the Curegen lotion runs out.

The hair follicles are loosened (with and without hair follicles), the hair follicles are pinched. The hair follicle will develop a new deep rooted hair.

After 2 weeks you can start doing sports again (cardio), after 3 weeks you can do strength training and after 4 weeks you can do Group Sports. You cannot exercise for the first 2 weeks because your pores will open up as a result of perspiration and there may be contamination. Increased blood pressure is also not good for recovery.

8 weeks after hair transplantation, hair can be cut again. You can shave the transplanted area again after 3 months or use a hair clipper. You can shave the donor area again after 1 month, unless there is still redness or irritation. Please contact the aftercare line.

Some body rubs or Aloevera cream can be applied gently. You can also take painkillers (reducing itching). Never scratch!

You can apply a thin layer of argan oil or a body lotion with aloevera.

Planted hair is usually starts to fall from the 10th day. Falling lasts about 4 weeks. Hair can also grow directly. This situation varies from person to person.

In some people, it doesn’t fall, but it usually does.

After the10th day following the hair transplantation , when the cortex is completely gone, you can wear your own headwear. Do not wear things that will jam your hair too much in the first month after hair transplantation!

Transplanted hair can start to grow 3 months after hair transplantation. You usually get the full result at the end of 6 months to a year. When full results are received may vary from person to person.

You can use GF (growth factor), minoxidil, procapil, finasteride 1 mg to support the growth process. Use hair products (spray etc.) 1 month after hair transplantation. The skin should heal properly first. You can always ask for advice from our after-care line.

Of course you can come to our office. Please make an appointment for this.

7. General questions during and after hair transplantation

It depends entirely on your personal situation. The size of your baldness, the quality of your donor area and your age affect this number. In Esteworld, a personal hair transplant is performed.

The bigger the bare area, the more graft is required. In a hair transplantation session, if the donor area is sufficient, we can carry a maximum of 3000-3500 grafts. The distribution of these grafts to the bald area is important. We can implant up to 55 grafts per square centimeter.

After hair transplantation, hair loss does not stop. The hair that is planted does not fall out, but your existing hair may fall out. With products such as minoxidil, procapil, finasteride 1 mg, you slow down hair loss and increase your hair quality.

DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, the testosterone hormone that causes hereditary hair loss.

Hair follicles transplanted from your donor site cannot be affected by DHT. For this reason, this hair is permanent, but your own hair will thin and even fall out, probably due to DHT attack. When your existing hair is lost, you will benefit less from your hair transplantation, because your hair density will decrease. Therefore, it is advisable to take precautions against this. We can come up with a plan for that.

With Procapil products, your own hair can be protected for longer. Procapil also has a positive effect on newly placed hair roots. Because of better circulation, these hair follicles, also called grafts, can heal more quickly. It increases the chances of success of transplanting and provides faster and quality growth. It is recommended to start Procapil 4 weeks after hair transplantation. For the first 4 months, Procapil spray can be applied to the entire region, including the areas where transplantation is performed. After 4 months, the spray can only be applied to the area where the hair is before hair transplantation. Of course you can keep spraying the entire scalp, but this is not necessary.

It is to reduce the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is the hormone that causes hereditary hair loss.

In most cases, hair loss is caused by the testosterone hormone DHT in the body. Genetic predisposition plays an important role in this. If the cause of your hair loss is related to vitamin, a simple blood test is enough to clarify it.

Biotin (vitamin H or B8) is often referred to as the most important vitamin in the fight against hair loss. This vitamin really helps your hair to grow and heal. For this reason, biotin against hair loss is often added to hair care products. However, applying biotin to your hair and scalp is not effective. This vitamin only works if you take biotin with tablets or capsules.

In the area of hair loss products, a new product has recently been developed that contains 5% Nanoxidil. Nanoxidil has a lower molecular weight, which increases absorption in the scalp. (the product is more easily absorbed)

Minoxidil is found in both lotion and foam form. Both have formulas containing 2% and 5% Minoxidil. 2% varieties are primarily for women, while 5% varieties are mainly for men. The stronger 5% variety can also be used for women, but this should always be discussed with a doctor or dermatologist.

Minoxidil, which has been commercially available as a hair growth agent since 1986, was originally developed against high blood pressure. Wearers luckily experienced that the drug greatly reduced hair loss and even stimulated hair growth. A large-scale study has been conducted to determine whether these positive effects are really caused by Minoxidil. The results were positive and gave hope to men and women who have struggled with hair loss for years. Scientists suggest Minoxidil promotes blood flow to hair follicles.

Biotinyl-GHK (attaches to the hair root)
Oleanol acids (prevents damage to hair cells)
Apigenin (provides nourishment of the hair root)