Hair Transplant Turkey Review : Alexander

Alexander has blond hair. Blonde hair allows for more light. Therefore, it needs more hair density to look fuller. We transplanted maximum possible number of grafts within 1 day to Alexander. We should have been very careful about the distribution of grafts. Because, the baldness area was large. Alexander asked us to cover all baldness. So, we spread all the grafts. In addition to hair transplant Turkey, we also applied Acell treatment. He started using the products we recommend to protect his existing hair.

My hair transplant adventure in Turkey

From the age of 18 I noticed that my hairline started to recede. After some research on the internet at the time, I decided that hair transplant costs was too expensive for me. Therefore, I delayed hair transplantation for a few years (about 8 years). When hair loss gradually increased, again, I decided to do a good research.

I have done extensive research on hair transplant in Turkey. I read many reviews about hair transplant and tried to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. My colleague said that the hair transplant cost in Turkey is much lower. Moreover, when I read hair transplant Turkey reviews, I reached the knowledge that the service is in a very high quality.

Meeting with Esteworld

I eventually discovered Esteworld’s website and spent several hours on the website to find out all the details about hair transplant Turkey. After that, I decided to make an appointment at Esteworld and got in touch. Esteworld called me to a free consultation to find out if hair transplantation could offer me a definitive solution.

I asked all my questions about hair transplant in Turkey on the day of the consultation and the interview went very well. We discussed the real possibilities and I found the opportunity to assess what might happen. After about two days of thought, I decided to have hair transplant surgery. I sent an email to Esteworld to organize the treatment. My treatment was organized for 1.5 months later. I quickly searched for cheap airfare.

1st Day of hair transplant Turkey (arrival to Istanbul)

I was a little nervous on the day of the departure. Our flight was leaving at 08:00. So, I got up early. 1 day ago a female representative from Esteworld contacted me to check everything one last time. We had a nice breakfast at the airport and boarded our plane.

The journey was wonderful and Esteworld driver greeted us in Istanbul. On our way to our hotel we had the opportunity to chat about the history and beauty of Istanbul. After we settled into our hotel, we went out for a nice meal. I met a few people outside who were being treated at Esteworld. I recognized them from the hair bands that they wear after hair transplantation. It was good to see these people because it gives you extra confidence. After dinner, we took a walk and went back to our hotel to go to bed early. Because, I was to be picked up at 08:00 the next morning for treatment.

2nd day (Hair Transplant Clinic is super clean and professional)

I woke up before the alarm went off. My advice to you is take a nice shower first and have a good breakfast. Our driver was ready to pick us up at 08:00. He took us to the clinic. The hotel is very close to the clinic. When we got to the clinic, everything seemed perfect and clean. We went to the waiting room. There were many people in the waiting room who came here to have hair transplant in Turkey. I really didn’t expect so many people to come to Turkey for hair transplantation. I found that positive hair transplant Turkey reviews I read on the internet were very accurate. That gave me more confidence.

Meeting the hair transplant team

I first met the team that would do my treatment. They took some photos about the current state of my hair. After that, I met with the hair transplant surgeon. My new hairline was adjusted. By the way, the team speaks great English. That’s how I got answers to all the questions I asked.

Then I said goodbye to my existing hair with a hair clipper 🙂 After that, we went to the treatment room. The assistants prepared the anaesthetic drugs. After the anaesthetic was administered, the team began removing the grafts. I had a conversation with the doctor during the removal of the grafts. I imagined things would be much more difficult.

At 12:30, the nurse wrapped my head in a bandage and I was allowed to go to lunch. I didn’t expect this :). After a nice lunch, the grafts were placed in the canals. This lasted about 4 hours. By the end of the procedure, 3500 grafts had been transplanted. They gave me a headband to block the swelling and bandaged the donor area. The hostess gave me some pills for swelling. She gave me tips about what to do and what not to do.

Then my driver took me back to the hotel. I was at the hotel at 17:30 and had dinner there. I barely slept, but I’m not complaining. The next day was my day off and I could visit Istanbul.

3rd Day (a beautiful day to explore Istanbul)

When I woke up in the morning, I felt so good. After a good breakfast we decided to go to a few places in Istanbul. The weather wasn’t sunny but it’s still a very beautiful city to explore. We had a nice lunch and went to a nice place where we could enjoy the evening.

4th Day (Nice care and satisfactory explanations)

Today was my last day at the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. At 08:00, the driver picked us up from our hotel. He took us to the hair transplant clinic for care and final checks. The surgeon examined me at the clinic. So I asked the surgeon my questions. After the first wash, we bought a range of products that will benefit the scalp and new hair roots that are placed. After we said goodbye to the team, the driver took us to the airport. After having a nice meal at the airport, I boarded a plane to return to my country.

When I got home I had a nice chat with my family and as a result it was a great trip. Esteworld immediately called me to meet again at my country office. Super service!

In conclusion, now it’s been 2 weeks since the operation and everything is going well. I have almost no problems. I only have a bit itchiness. For those who are still undecided to have hair transplant in Turkey, my message is: hair transplant cost in Turkey is very affordable. Read the reviews of hair transplant Turkey and take this step, you will not regret it!