Hair Transplant Turkey Review : Chris

Chris had faced an increasing hairline receding problem over the years. His baldness wasn’t so intense yet. During the hair transplant Turkey, we transplanted high intensity hair on Chris and created the entire front hairline as if natural. During hair transplantation we brought the sides forward for a smooth hairline.

Chris’s Hair Transplant Turkey Review

I always had a wide forehead and my temporal areas were starting to recede early. In addition, my hair was falling in the back areas. So, I decided to have a hair transplant. I have read about the hair transplant costs and reviews in Turkey. I was bald anyway, and it was worth trying to get my hair back. I had to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

Free consultation with Esteworld on hair transplant Turkey

I had visited another clinic for counselling about 8 years ago and it was a very negative experience. I thought I’d never get a hair transplant after this visit. The previous one was very bad when I compared it to the hair transplant consultation I had with Esteworld in Turkey.

I enjoyed the attention at Esteworld. They answered all my questions and cleared my suspicions. I asked all my questions without hesitation: “Is hair transplantation quality in Istanbul? Are you the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul? What hair transplant techniques do they use?”. You can select from variaty of hair transplant procedures such as sapphire fue, robotic, dhi and also acell treatment for hair growth.

The hair transplant consultation went very well. I got a clear picture of the treatment and the results of the hair transplantation I was waiting for. Then I got a quick and satisfying response by email to the questions that still I had in my mind.

But what really convinced me was the advice the representative gave to my friend who was with me during the interview. He stated honestly that the hair transplant could never be good enough for him, but that there was a 70% chance of success. When I experienced this, I realized that my hair transplantation result in Turkey would be the best.

I easily asked questions via email or phone until the hair transplantation process. The site has a lot of information about how the treatment is done and the trip to Turkey. I had a hair transplant and everything was so well organised. The hotel was great. There are a few things I would like to share with those who want to have hair transplantation in Turkey at Esteworld.

A few things I would like to share with you

I thought the English hostess was very lovely. She’s such a nice person, it’s nice that you can set everything up in your native tongue. They really want the best for you, and it feels good for someone else to set everything perfectly for you. It makes your tension a lot less.

I had flown to Turkey early and was able to motivate myself the day before the surgery. It was really nice to be able to exercise at the hotel. Meanwhile, you cannot exercise for 10 days after hair transplantation.

I strongly recommend a painless anaesthetic. It’s worth the money. I didn’t feel any pain. It feels like everything is moving faster after you’ve had an anaesthetic. Because you’re under anesthesia.

After all, I am so glad that I have had successful hair transplant in Turkey so far and I prefer Esteworld. Now I’m waiting for my hair transplant final result. I’m sure it will be very nice.