Hair transplant in Turkey review : Rutger Vlaming

Rutger Vlaming, known for the television show “Bachelor” had faced problems with hairline receding and falling hair on the back. During hair transplant in Turkey with Rutger, we filled the hairline with 6mm sapphire fue which can get the highest densities. Thanks to very thin Sapphire tips, we filled the top and highest area with more than 3000 grafts. Current hair loss doesn’t stop with hair transplantation. Therefore, we applied acell treatment to strengthen the thinned hair. Then Rutger and I made a comprehensive hair product use plan.

Rutger Vlaming’s Hair Transplant Turkey Review

For men, baldness always remains a sensitive issue. I think being bald is a man’s greatest uncertainty. There was no extreme receding in my hairline, but my temporal areas became bald. It took me a while to think about getting hair transplant in Turkey. I started by researching, reading and asking the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The more you care about the subject, the more often you hear about people who have hair transplantation.

In addition, I saw that the hair transplant costs in Turkey are much lower than in my own country. I knew that more and more people were getting hair transplant surgery in Turkey. People around me didn’t really understand why I wanted to have a hair transplant. As I grew my hair, the baldness became more and more pronounced. The longer my hair grew, the thinner it became. I often had my hair cut short but I wanted to have the freedom to grow my hair.

All this research has led me to believe in hair transplantation. Ultimately you do it for yourself, you don’t need anyone to know about it and approve it. I’ve contacted various clinics. Both hair transplant clinics in Turkey and clinics in my country. There are enormous differences in the cost and quality of hair transplantation.

I contacted Esteworld on the advice of a friend. His and his friend’s hair transplantation were performed at Esteworld in Turkey. They were both very pleased. I could also see live examples of the results of hair transplantation in front of me. Seeing them made me very enthusiastic about hair transplantation in Turkey. Because my friends had a much nicer look than they had before.

Decision for hair transplant in Turkey

Esteworld has a very professional approach. In the preliminary interviews, I got quality answers to all my questions. Esteworld representatives in my country work not as intermediaries but as people directly connected to Esteworld. They all have personal experience with the services provided in Istanbul. In Turkey, the explanations about hair transplantation are excellent and very honest.

After all the doubts I had, I decided to have my hair transplant done in Esteworld in Turkey. I could have waited until I was more bald, but I had to do something right away. Because, the care you show to your hair today allows you to protect your existing hair in future years. If I had known in the past what I know now, I could have done something for my lost hair.

As soon as I made the decision, a quick process began. I received detailed information from the representative in my country and from the representative of Esteworld in Turkey. I felt like I was making the right decision. Tickets were booked and operations were scheduled for November 6.

Flight to Turkey

The flight was great. Turkish Airlines has excellent service. One of the hostesses/ drivers of Esteworld greeted me at the airport in Turkey. I wasn’t the only one he took. Two other people had the same hair transplantation plans as me. We immediately started talking to them. We talked about choosing the best clinic for hair transplant in Turkey. Travelling with people who have made the same decision as me has helped me relieve my tension.

We arrived at the hotel and I immediately settled into my room. It was late and we were going to be picked up early in the morning from our hotel for hair transplantation. I had a good breakfast that morning. You don’t know when the next meal is, so I fed myself. The same hostess/driver picked up us and took to the clinic with my other friends. Being together with people from my country gave me confidence and peace.

When we arrived at Esteworld, a lady hostess greeted us who spoke our native tongue. During hair transplantation in Turkey, it is very good to get guidance and help from someone who speaks your own language. Our hostess told us what was waiting for us that day. The whole hair transplant team is helping you. The team had 1 leading doctor and 3 nurse assistants. Of course, my assigned aide was constantly checking how things were going. She simultaneously explained to me what had been done during the process.

The day after hair transplantation is a great day of rest. I was used to lie on my stomach. But I wasn’t allowed to sleep like this. We talked about this with my representative in my country. He suggested I buy a neck pillow. This is really working.

The day after the rest day we went back to Esteworld. They removed the bandage in my donor area and checked if everything is fine. Then the first hair wash was done. We met the doctor. He told me what I could do and what I shouldn’t do.

After that, I was taken back to the airport to fly home from beautiful Istanbul.

After returning to my country, Esteworld service did not end. You are constantly informed about what you need to do during the process to ensure that my hair transplantation result is the best in Turkey. Of course, you have to take care of yourself, but it’s nice to have someone to help you do that.

In conclusion, I had an excellent experience at the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey and I would definitely recommend Esteworld. Excellent service quality!