Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

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Hair Transplant Turkey Review : Chris

Chris had faced an increasing hairline receding problem over the years. His baldness wasn’t so intense yet. During the hair transplant Turkey, we transplanted high intensity hair on Chris and created the entire front hairline as if natural. During hair transplantation we brought the sides forward for a smooth hairline.

Hair Transplant Turkey Review : Alexander

Alexander has blond hair. Blonde hair allows for more light. Therefore, it needs more hair density to look fuller. We transplanted maximum possible number of grafts within 1 day to Alexander. We should have been very careful about the distribution of grafts. Because, the baldness area was large. Alexander asked us to cover all baldness. So, we spread all the grafts. In addition to hair transplant Turkey, we also applied Acell treatment. He started using the products we recommend to protect his existing hair.

Hair transplant in Turkey review : Rutger Vlaming

Rutger Vlaming, known for the television show “Bachelor” had faced problems with hairline receding and falling hair on the back. With Rutger, we filled the hairline with 6mm sapphire fue which can get the highest densities. Thanks to very thin Sapphire tips, we filled the top and highest area with more than 3000 grafts. Current hair loss doesn’t stop with hair transplantation. Therefore, we applied acell treatment to strengthen the thinned hair. Then Rutger and I made a comprehensive hair product use plan.