Hair Transplant Warranty in Turkey

Esteworld has 3 clinics in various locations in Istanbul. In its new clinic in Altunizade, high-quality hair transplantation is performed by specialist hair transplant surgeons, not normal doctors or general plastic surgeons. Certainly, we give you a hair transplant warranty certificate.

It is often unclear where and by whom hair transplantation will be performed for an agent. Esteworld does not work with agents or agencies. Esteworld provides intermediary services itself. You know exactly where you’re going to be treated with us, by whom, and how. With esteworld offices in more than 70 countries around the world, communication is direct and you know exactly who to contact when you have any problems. We are prepared to seek an appropriate solution in unpleasant situations. Less than 1% of people using hair transplantation use this hair transplant warranty thanks to our skilled hair transplant surgeons, treatment teams, open communication, more hair loss cases and aftercare information.

As we collect as many hairy grafts as possible and our expert teams can remove multiple grafts in 1 session, depending on your donor quality, 1 treatment is usually sufficient unless otherwise stated. However, sometimes the result may not be as desired. There may be several reasons for this. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the cause, we immediately begin to look for an appropriate solution.

What is your guarantee for hair transplantation?

The hair transplant warranty we offer is the guarantee of transplanted grafts. We guarantee that at least 99% of them will grow hair again.

During treatment, we record the following information in full:

  • How many hair follicles / grafts have been moved?
  • How many hairs do these hair roots / grafts consist of?
  • What was the intensity or transplantation in the balding area?

After treatment, you will receive a certificate containing this information.

If you are not satisfied with the results of hair transplantation

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can make an appointment at the Esteworld London office for a final assessment. If it is determined during this evaluation that fewer grafts are growing hair than is guaranteed, you will be entitled to re-treatment. Our consultants will guide you through this follow-up process.