Is Robotic Hair Transplant better?

Hair transplant is one of the most popular treatment ways among people who have hair loss problems. Hair transplant solves the problems of baldness, receding hair, or sparse hair. In the process of hair transplant treatments, there are lots of different methods with different advantages. Robotic hair transplant is one of them. Let’s learn about this method in detail.

What Is The Robotic Hair Transplant?

Robotic hair transplant is an up to date treatment method preferred in hair transplant. This effective method was first used in the United States of America and since has been popular worldwide. In the classical method of hair transplant, hair follicles are collected by hand. However, in robotic hair transplant, this procedure is done by an automatic robot system. This hair transplant robot opens the channels with advanced technological skills, which minimize the possible errors.

Lastly, the collected hair follicles are planted into channels manually by a specialist. The hair transplant robot provides the most effective personalized effect on hair transplant. In Esteworld, we work with experienced surgeons in our clinics. Our surgeons and professional team are experts in different kinds of treatment methods, including robotic hair transplant.

Why Should I Prefer Robotic Hair Transplant?

There are numerous advantages of robotic hair transplant. Firstly, this procedure is one of the comfortable hair transplant methods for patients. Hair transplant robot collects the follicles from the donor area with maximum efficiency because it can perfectly detect the direction of follicles under the skin. This way, the strongest hair follicles are collected in good quality. During the treatment process, the hair transplant robot doesn’t harm the existing healthy hair, which is a big advantage of this method.

The robotic hair treatment provides a natural hair look. Hair transplant robot’s advanced technology prevents any possible artificial appearance on your hair. When planted hairs are fully grown, they will blend in the patient’s natural hair perfectly.

Will Robotic Hair Transplant Leave Scars?

In robotic hair transplant, the healing process is faster than DHI and FUE treatment methods. After the treatment, there can be some visible effects like crusting and redness. However, in 10 days, patients’ hair will start growing and these side effects will vanish. When the planted hair is fully grown, patients will have a natural look without any scars. Also, it should be noted that robotic hair transplant should be performed by a specialist surgeon to get the best results.

Is Hair Designed Personally Before Robotic Hair Transplant?

Before starting the robotic hair transplant procedure, our surgeons decide the best and most effective hair design. To create a 3D hair design model, photos are taken from the front, back, top, and two sides of the head. Thanks to the 3D design, our patients can pre see how their hair design will look. So, patients can start the hair transplant process without any doubts in our clinics.

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