Stem Cell Hair Transplant – Acell

Stem cell hair transplant (hair transplant combined with Acell) is only in Esteworld accross Europe

ACELL stem cell therapy, also called automatic hair cloning, is one of the newest treatments in the field of hair loss, although it has been used in other areas since 2008. It strengthens the weakened hair follicles due to years of negative effects, enabling them to produce thick and strong hair. The results of a stem cell hair transplant (hair transplant combined with Acell)  are, of course, better and most of all, sustainable.

In United States, this ACELL treatment has been practiced by the best hair transplant clinics for over 10 years. ACELL is approved by FDA. This is not just an approval, because the FDA is the strictest monitoring body in the field of medical healthcare. ACELL is carried out in the top 200 clinics in United States, and Esteworld is the only clinic in Europe that can carry out this unique treatment with a special permit. The results of stem cell hair transplant (hair transplant combined with Acell treatment) are very good.

More advantages of Acell treatment

Allowing us to use ACELL as the only one in Europe once again confirms our pioneer status in Turkey and in the rest of the world. The treatment is also suitable for people who are not yet eligible for hair transplantation due to their young age, or for people who have only thin hair. In addition to providing better results when combined with hair transplantation, it also provides results that can be maintained for longer, especially as it makes existing hair of better quality. Once the hair follicle is repaired, it can be affected again, depending on your age, damage may come from the blood. In young people with high DHT that re-affects the hair follicle, ACELL may need to be repeated 5-10 years later, depending on the degree of wear. ACELL is usually only needed once in people over the age of 35 who have suffered below-average DHT wear.

The components of ACELL can grow, strengthen or replace an adult hair stem cell. Thus, the hair follicle can again produce an optimally strong hair.

An ACELL treatment also improves the growth properties of the scalp. This allows the scalp to address the impact of natural hair growth at a deeper level.

ACELL is currently the best and most advanced method to ensure post-procedure recovery. It also provides additional benefits such as faster healing of the scalp after hair transplantation, less swelling or no swelling of the scalp, and rapid loss of scar crusts.

What is ACELL made out of?

Extracellular matrix (ECM) – A wound-healing material that provides increased blood flow to adult stem cells that replicate human tissue, such as the skin and muscles. When used in hair loss treatment, ECM is used to replicate (clone) healthy cells in the affected hair follicles. These cells are the cells required for healthy hair growth from a healthy and restored hair follicle.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – derived from a patient’s blood, this serum contains regenerative healing and growth factors. PRP is widely used in regenerative medicine applications such as oral surgery, orthopedic surgery and cosmetic surgery. PRP ensures that the substances that make up Acell adhere to weakened hair stem cells. PRP, applied alone after hair transplantation, provides only faster wound healing and temporary support. (It is not effective against DHT invasion). There are clinics that offer only PRP service. When PRP is used as a treatment alone, it has to be repeated several weeks after hair transplantation. Single-session PRP treatment will be disappointing for you.

Vitamin D – this vitamin plays an important role in repairing soft tissue. Hair roots strengthen.

Cost of ACELL

The cost for ACELL treatment with 1 Night stay is 2000 Euro. When bought together with hair transplantation, ACELL treatment is charged as 1250 Euro additional to hair transplantation cost. The reason why the price is much lower when taken with hair transplantation is that the patient is already under anesthesia, is already in the treatment room, and the surgeon is already available for hair transplantation. Therefore, these costs are not charged twice.

Good candidates for ACELL

The hair growth serum made by Esteworld in Turkey is suitable for anyone suffering from thin or weak hair that causes baldness appearance. Even the hairs in the androgenetic phase, which is the last phase before shedding, can usually be recovered.

Treatment process

Treatment is carried out through a series of micro injections to the skin layer to stimulate hair regrowth and recovery. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

With ACELL treatment, hair is provided with nutritious vitamins, amino acids and protein-rich growth factors through 0.8 mm micro needles.

After treatment

The patient may notice initial results after 8-12 weeks. The result will improve further throughout the year.

General treatment risks (these risks are temporary)
  • Change in hair color (return to old color)
  • Flu-like symptoms (mild fever, muscle pain for up to 2 days)
  • Temporary itching on the skin
Acell treatment experiences

Experience with stem cell hair transplant (hair transplant combined with Acell treatment) is very good. Esteworld has been performing this treatment for more than 3.5 years and we can say that the results of hair transplantation are better if ACELL is carried out.

After all, the result of hair transplantation depends not only on the regrowth of the hairs transplanted, but also on the condition of the existing hair. We often see that existing hair is already negatively affected and is on the way to shedding in a way that will affect the outcome of hair transplantation badly. This can be prevented with ACELL. Affected hair becomes thicker again, density increases and this slows down the hair loss process.