Which hair transplant method/tecnique is best?

Hair transplant treatment is one of the most popular ways to have healthy and natural hair for people who are experiencing hair loss. To get the best treatment process, there are some specific matters to decide. You should start by choosing the best hair transplant clinic and professional staff. Afterward, you and your surgeon should determine the best treatment method for your needs.
There are lots of hair treatment methods, and each of them has a prominent feature. By considering your priorities and medical necessities, a treatment method can be chosen professionally. As the leading clinic in hair transplant treatments for 15 years, Esteworld offers various hair transplant methods for its patients. Below, you can see the list of different treatment methods.


VIP Hair Transplant: This method is perfect for those who have a tight schedule. The operation is completed in a limited time by professional surgeons and his experienced team.

FUE Hair Transplant: Follicular Unit Extraction is a modern technique that leaves no permanent scars after the operation. The grafts, including 2-3 hair follicles are collected via FUE motor from the donor area and planted into balding areas. FUE motor can do excisions smaller than 1mm in size.

Robotic Hair Transplant: In this method, a robotic system that works with high-level algorithms collects hair follicles and opens channels in perfection.

DHI Hair Transplant: Direct Hair Implementation method, surgeons use a medical pen called “Choi” to collect hair grafts. These grafts are planted in the target area without any channel or incision. This method is advantageous in denser planting procedures.

Unshaven Hair Transplant: In this method, the patient doesn’t have to shave his/her hair fully. Only by shortening the hair, the patient can go back to his/her usual appearance in three days. This method is generally preferred by men.

TDF Hair Transplant: Two Days Fue method is one of the current ways to transplant hair. This method is generally chosen for men who have large balding areas. In TDF hair transplant, the planting is implemented in two days in a row. There is no need to wait for 6-8 months for the second implementation.

You can contact our consultants to learn the most suitable transplantation technique for your hair. Our consultancy team will support you in finding the most suitable transplantation technique.