Why choose Esteworld?

At Esteworld, the best surgeons offer you the best available hair transplant intensity and quality results with the latest technology methods.
Tailor-made treatment

Esteworld has been the leader in hair transplantation in Turkey for 17 years and is even the largest and most advanced hair transplant clinic in Europe. Each person we treat is given a special treatment according to their specific condition. Depending on your situation, we can determine which treatment method is best for you. Hair transplantation solves the problem of baldness, does not harm your existing hair.

High satisfaction level, guarantee and high hair density

We guarantee for the hair follicles that are placed and we guarantee that a new hair will form from these follicles. If this does not happen, you are entitled to free follow-up treatment. Fortunately, this is seen in less than 1% of the people we treat.

The Sapphire tip drills we use during hair transplantation allow us to transplant densely, achieve high hair density and achieve success with 1 session hair transplantation. From your donor area, grafts containing multiple hairs (hair follicles) are carefully selected so that we can cover a large area beautifully and your donor area will be minimally thinned. In Esteworld, all hair transplantation are done with FUE Sapphire method now. The best surgeons who apply the most up-to-date hair transplantation methods lead you to the highest hair density and best results available. With the advantage of super-fast healing of the scalp, we can increase the density between your hair without the risk of damaging existing hair follicle.

Esteworld is a clinic specialized in hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is performed at Esteworld in Turkey by experienced and expert hair transplant surgeons in cooperation with their own treatment team. All of our surgeons are specialized in hair transplantation and perform hair transplantation in our clinic every day. Our surgeons are members of ISHRS, the leading authority in the field of hair transplantation. All Esteworld staff meet the requirements set by various quality brands. Every month surgeons from all over Europe come to Esteworld University for training on the hair transplantation methods we use.

Free care in the UK by our experts

Esteworld has an excellent aftercare service. After the hair transplantation, our line after care, where you will be in intensive contact to guide recovery during the first 14 days after hair transplantation and make adjustments when necessary, is always at your service. After the first 14 days, communication is established every 2 months to monitor progress. In the meantime, of course you can always make an appointment at our office or ask your questions from our office line.

Ministry of Health approved hair transplantation clinic

Esteworld has Ministry of Health approval. This means that whether we maintain our standards or not is audited in detail every 3 months.

Esteworld is ISO 9001 and TÜV certified

ISO9001 and TÜV quality mark are the most important European quality marks. These quality marks clearly reflect Esteworld’s expertise.

VIPs from around the world get hair transplants at Esteworld

As one of the top 20 service providers internationally, Esteworld welcomes celebrities from around the world. Some of these experiences can be found in our experience section.

ISHRS member specialist surgeons and experienced staff

As the leading hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we only work with the best surgeons and hair specialists. Our Chief surgeons are members of ISHRS (the leading Hair Restoration Authority). Each hair transplant is done by the surgeon himself/herself, along with a team of specialists. Our surgeons use a 0.6 mm Sapphire drill. This is one of the best tips currently used in the world of hair transplantation and reflects the quality of Esteworld. Many other clinics still serve with larger-scale drills. The diameter of the drill determines the maximum density that can be placed. With the Sapphire-tipped drills we use, we can reach the highest possible density.

Free PRP treatment during hair transplantation

We apply PRP treatment as standard in every hair transplantation. This allows for a faster wound healing. PRP treatment has a positive effect on existing hair. It makes hair stronger/thicker. However, this is a very temporary effect as the PRP substances are removed again.

Surgeons and staff only do hair transplantation

As Esteworld is a Hair Transplant Clinic, surgeons who work with us only perform hair transplantation. They have a high degree of experience and expertise.

VIP service from start to finish

Esteworld is characterized by excellent VIP service. We take care of all transfers from the moment you arrive at the airport during your visit until you return home. The hotel you are staying in is a luxury hotel. The hair transplantation clinic is very modern and the experts who work provide high quality service.

No expensive middleman or agency intervention

Esteworld does not work with agents. Many other service providers implement this system which causes unnecessary price increases and leads to undesirable situations. With Esteworld hair transplantation in Turkey, you are always in direct contact with the organization itself.