Why should I have my hair transplant procedure done in Istanbul?

Turkey is one of the best countries to get quality healthcare tourism. Each year, thousands of people come to Turkey to get a variety of healthcare services. As the leading clinic in hair transplant treatments in Turkey, Esteworld is offering professional services in three clinics in Istanbul. Esteworld clinics host patients from all over the world for several years.
Patients choose Esteworld Istanbul clinics for several reasons like quality service, professional healthcare, experienced surgeons, fair prices, and smiling staff. Below, you can find detailed information regarding our clinics and services in healthcare tourism.

Why should I have my hair transplant procedure done in Istanbul?

Esteworld Istanbul’s Privileges and Services

Esteworld deals with every stage of your treatment from beginning to end in detail. Patients will be taken from airports via our VIP services. Our clinics don’t work with intermediary companies. All the transportations among clinics, hotels, and airports will be handled by Esteworld staff. In each stage of your treatment, you will meet English speaking professional staff. Also, Esteworld offers the best accommodation services for its patients. During your treatment process, you will stay at a privileged hotel close to our clinic.

This way, you don’t have to bear with a long journey after your treatment and can have a rest in a short time. Also, you can find the opportunity to discover Istanbul’s natural and historical beauties.

In Esteworld, all of our treatments are operated by experienced surgeons and professional clinic staff. The surgeons choose the best treatment method considering your necessities and medical condition. After the treatment process, you will be informed about every little detail regarding your hair care and other issues.

Esteworld’s after-line service will be ready to serve if you need further information. The effectiveness of your treatment will be guaranteed by our clinic regarding that the planted hair grafts will regrow. In Esteworld, you can have a high standard treatment process in every aspect. Plus, having a hair transplant treatment in Esteworld Istanbul clinics will cost much more affordable than in the UK and the USA.

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us!